Shanghai Advanced Technical School was founded inIn 1951, it was a state-level key technical school for advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, committed to serving the development of regional economic society and industrial enterprises, Shanghai's modern landmark secondary vocational and technical school and Shanghai's high-skilled personnel training base。The school is affiliated to Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Technology, and is located on the same campus with the Higher Vocational and Technical College of Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Technology, and operates under the same management system, which effectively promotes the construction of modern vocational education system of the school。The school has been awarded for eight consecutive years"Shanghai Civilized Unit", has been awarded the "National moral education work advanced collective", "Shanghai Advanced Vocational education Unit", "Shanghai Safe and civilized campus", "Shanghai Garden Unit" and other titles。

      School toThe fundamental task is to cultivate morality and cultivate people.坚持The school-running direction of "Relying on industry, service development and promoting employment",Comprehensively implement the Party's educational policy,Adhere to "for the career needs and continuous development of each student.,Providing quality vocational education services",Adhering to the "professional quality as the core, professional knowledge as the basis, vocational technology as the focus" tradition of education,Implement the talent training model of "integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, combination of work and learning, integration of knowledge and practice",It is committed to cultivating high-quality technical and technical talents who are oriented to production, service and management and pay equal attention to knowledge and skills of all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness and labor,To establish a new type of modern, first-class vocational and technical school with distinctive characteristics in China。

      The school is located in Yixian Road, Hongkou District88号,With multiple functions, distinctive characteristics, demonstration leading Shanghai five-star "Numerical control technology application Open Training Center",Shanghai 3-star Mechatronics Open Training Center;Shanghai Robot Technology Open Training Center,Shanghai "Mold design and Manufacturing training base" and "Commodity storage and distribution training Center" training base and a series of laboratories。The school takes the World Skills Competition as an opportunity to match the international standards of the World Skills Competition, introduce the World Skills equipment, and build a high-standard training base for Chinese players of the World Skills Competition "Industrial Control" competition and a training base for Shanghai players of the "Mechatronics" competition。Relying on the Shanghai high-skill talent training Base, in recent years, the school has carried out vocational skills training, identification and teacher training for nearly 90,000 people for the industry, enterprises and society, and the quality and integrity of the schoolAGrade, vocational skills appraisal quality gradeAGrade, highly skilled personnel training base evaluation excellent。

      Current school staffMore than 280 people, including more than 140 full-time teachersFull-time teachers in the master rate 72.2%, senior professional and technical positions accounted for 22%.9%, double teachers accounted for 75%.6%, with technicians and above professional qualification level accounted for 46.7%。In recent years,The school has won 2 first prizes of Shanghai Municipal teaching achievements,There are 5 municipal teaching teams, 17 municipal quality courses and 1 municipal quality online course.At present, there are more than 10 outstanding instructors, golden instructors, municipal famous teachers and municipal technical experts in the national vocational college Skills Competition,Shanghai secondary vocational education master training studio 2;It has undertaken more than 20 national and provincial projects and invention patent authorization,He has published more than 300 core papers and SCI papers。

      The school adheres to vocational educationType of educational orientation,遵循

Law of vocational educationHorizontally broaden the professional development channels, vertically extend the professional training level, set up a vocational education overpass with level connection and category interaction, and form a modern vocational education personnel training system with middle, high and basic connections。The school has a mechanical and electrical engineering department, manufacturing engineering department, management department3 professional departments and basic teaching departments;With material forming and control engineering (through), CNC technology (through), mechatronics technology (through), electrical automation technology (through), CNC technology application (through)上海Municipal demonstration brand professional), mechanical and electrical technology application(Shanghai quality specialty)Electrical operation and control(Shanghai quality specialty)Computer network technology(Shanghai Modern Apprenticeship pilot Program)Industrial robot technology application, additive manufacturing technology application (3D printing), mechanical and electrical equipment installation and maintenance and logistics services and management of a total of 12 majors, to build based on Shanghai's industrial structure adjustment and high-quality development needs of "intelligent control technology", "intelligent manufacturing technology" and "modern service industry" three professional groups。

      The school focuses on the cultivation of professional quality and practical ability of highly skilled talents, actively participates in various skills and discipline competitions at all levels, and promotes learning through competition。Nearly five years, gained"The Internet+National Bronze Award2项,Municipal gold medal2项。Won the first prize of national skill competition and discipline competition11Item, second prize18项。He won 3 special prizes in the municipal skill competition and discipline competition, 84 first prizes, 138 second prizes, and the first prize of the group4项。Won the World Skills Competition Shanghai trialsThe top three in the "Industrial control" competition, the first and second in the "Mechatronics" competition, and one "industrial control" player was selected for the national assembled team。Won the "Challenge Cup" national first prize1Project, municipal grand prize1项。


      The University adheres to the principle of open education and deepens international exchanges and cooperation。It has carried out two-way cooperation and exchanges with vocational colleges in Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands and other countries and regions。As the only brand project that cooperates with Switzerland in the field of higher vocational education in Shanghai, the school and the University of Applied Science and Technology Graubunden, Switzerland(Fachhochschule Graubunden University of Applied Sciences) co-organized the "International Business (Tourism and Business Management)" vocational education program,Implement "3+1" to cultivate compound tourism business talents with international vision, understanding of international rules and international competitiveness。The school has established a long-term and robust cooperative partnership with ITE, a national vocational college in Singapore, to carry out exchanges and cooperation between teachers and students, and launch Technical Engineering Diploma programs for innovative training of students, so as to enhance the international level of students' skills training。

      School conscientiousness"Implementing the National Implementation Plan for Vocational Education Reform",Based on the modern vocational education concept of "integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation and resource sharing",Promote school-enterprise cooperation toward deep integration of schools and enterprises,Through school-enterprise collaboration, cooperative research, co-construction of institutions, sharing resources and other ways,Form the basis of industry-university cooperative education,Diversified education as the leading mode of technical and skilled personnel training。With Baosteel Group, SAIC Group, Shanghai Tobacco Group, Shanghai General Group, Shanghai Heavy Machine Tool Factory Co., Ltd. and nearly 300 large and medium-sized enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures to carry out school-enterprise "dual" education,Establish a base for school-enterprise cooperation (industry-university cooperation, industry-university-research alliance),Jointly build 2 municipal skill master studios with industry enterprises。The employment rate of school graduates has remained above 97%.The overall satisfaction rate of employers to graduates reached95%以上。The school has a fragrant peach and plum and a large number of talents, among which outstanding representatives are: Miao Jian, the national top ten young technical experts, Cheng Jie, the national tobacco industry technical experts, Wu Hao, the youngest senior technician in Shanghai, Shanghai Vocational Education2017 news person Gao Chen, etc。

      The school has a deep cultural heritage, a long tradition of running a school, and a development process of hard work. With the mission of cultivating talents and serving the society, the school adheres to moral education, integration of production and education, and cooperation between schools and enterprises, and constantly promotes the high-quality and sustainable development of vocational educationThe goal of "domestic first-class and distinctive modern vocational and technical colleges" is forging ahead!