Shanghai University of Engineering Science night college

Shanghai University of Engineering Technology focuses on engineering technology, and combines economic management and art design。Belongs to the night university since1985Since its inception, there have been college, junior college and higher college majors34It provides a broad space for students to further their study。Shanghai University of Engineering Science Night University not only has modern teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, skill buildings, but also advanced facilities of the gymnasium, library, conference center, etc., to provide students with an excellent learning environment。In order to enable the majority of students to enter the society in the future with stronger employment competitiveness,Shanghai University of Engineering Science night university in the development of academic education at the same time,At the same time, relevant vocational skills training is also carried out,Enable students to get both academic certificates when they graduate,You can get a professional skill certificate,So as to become a qualified social needs of applied talents,The current specialty is mechanical engineering。

Shanghai Open University Engineering Branch

Shanghai Open University Engineering Branch, formerly known as Shanghai Television University Engineering University Zhongshan Branch, is the earliest branch school in the Shanghai Open University system, which is jointly built by Shanghai Open University and Shanghai Advanced Technical School. The school is located in Yixian Road, Hongkou District88号,Conveniently located in the center of Big Cypress,Its elegant campus and advanced facilities are ranked first in China,The teaching work of the school is performed by excellent teachers in colleges and universities,In the professional setting fully rely on the school's mechanical and electrical strengths this advantage,The department of Mechanical and electrical integration and the undergraduate major of machinery were opened;It also offers an art major。At present, the majors offered by our branch school are: Mechatronics (junior college), Mechatronics Engineering (undergraduate), Art Design (junior college), Administration Management (junior college), Administration Management (undergraduate).,Since running the school,The school relies on the local advantages of government education and the management advantages of systematic education,It has trained a large number of applied talents for Shanghai's economic construction and social development。

Vocational skill level training

Vocational skill level training is a vocational skill level training for employees to carry out for the community, the implementation of training for post-service personnel to improve skills, the current vocational skills training can be carried out including: electrician, turning (CNC lathe), milling (CNC milling machine)。

Vocational skill level recognition

The identification of vocational skill level is to implement the identification of vocational skill level for the society, and issue vocational skill level certificates to qualified personnel after theoretical and operational assessment。At present, the vocational skill level evaluation that can be implemented includes fitter level 5 to fitter level 1。