The "Mold Design and Manufacturing Public Training Center" in the Higher Vocational College of Shanghai University of Engineering Science was built in the second〇〇Seven years, two〇〇It was completed and put into use in September 2008。The training center covers an area of 900m2Among them, there are 3 mold processing training areas, 4 mold assembly and debugging training areas, and 1 mold molding training area。There are 6 practical training modules,They are respectively the gold cutting integrated technology training module, special processing technology training module, mold fitter technology training module, testing technology training module, mold CAD/CAPP/CAM/CAE training module and mold manufacturing integrated technology training module,There are nearly 300 sets of all kinds of experimental and practical training equipment,The number of work stations is 200,Can accommodate 450 people engaged in mold design and manufacturing skills training。Now the center is equipped with molding structure and principle, testing technology and quality control, engineering materials, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping, metal cutting and cutting tools and other related laboratories, 2 process seminar rooms, 1 industrial design room。Lab configuration software includes Proe, CAXA Manufacturing Engineer, UGNX, AutoCAD, and more。

    The Mold Design and Manufacturing public training center is based on mold and die,Can realize the design and manufacturing skills training of complex and composite molds such as metal molds and die casting molds;meanwhile,It can meet the training needs of intermediate, senior and technician vocational skills appraisal module of mold,It will become a base for professional teachers' practice activities, foreign technical services and scientific research,And create an open service platform for vocational skills training and professional qualification。