[Foreign media reports] On the last working day before the small holiday, a mobile vaccination vehicle entered the campus!

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430On Sunday, a mobile vaccination truck appeared in the open space in front of the gymnasium of Shanghai Polytechnic University and Shanghai Advanced Technical School, and staff and students who received the news in advance rushed to get the COVID-19 vaccination at their doorsteps。

It turns out that recently, during the promotion of COVID-19 vaccination in Jiangwan Town, the relevant person in charge of the street Party Working Committee actively visited parks, buildings, schools, etc., to investigate the vaccination situation。After learning that Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology Vocational College, Shanghai Senior Technical School staff and students have vaccination needs,Jiangwan Street actively through the regional party building joint platform,For Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology Vocational College, Shanghai senior technical school to actively contact the district health commission,Let the mobile vaccination vans drive into the campus,Take the initiative to provide services to teachers and students,Put up a new quarantine for the campus。

On the day when the mobile vaccination vehicle entered the school, the streets of Jiangwan Town also made adequate preparations, divided functional areas on the site, set up protective fences, improved vaccination efficiency, and arranged volunteers to guide the flow of people at various key points to avoid accidents。With the full cooperation of all departments, the teachers and students of the on-site school queued up in an orderly manner to register the vaccination code and carry out the vaccination。

The reporter saw at the scene that although the mobile vaccination vehicle looked small, there were specific divisions in the cold chain area, vaccination area and emergency response area inside the car, and the vaccinator implemented the separation of the upper and lower channels, and the car was equipped with computers, refrigerated boxes, air conditioning and other hardware facilities to ensure that the whole process of vaccination was convenient, safe and reliable。

After completing the vaccination, the vaccinator will come to the vaccination car to carry out the exercise in the nearby gymnasium30The minutes of observation further improved the efficiency of vaccination。

Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology Higher vocational College, Shanghai senior technical School Party secretary Ni Zhiyong told reporters,There is an urgent need for vaccination among teachers and students,Prior vaccination,Students have to ask for leave from campus,Now after the efforts of Jiangwan Town streets,Teachers and students can get vaccinated on campus,Not only for students and staff to provide peace of mind convenience,At the same time, it also ensures the smooth development of school teaching activities。

Shen Qin, dean of Higher Vocational College of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology and principal of Shanghai Advanced Technical School, also said that the mobile vaccination vehicle provides a lot of convenience for teachers and students, and the school will do as much as possible to allow teachers and students to vaccinate nearby according to the principle of "should be accepted"。It is reported that the vaccination work, Jiangwan Town street fully considered the actual needs of all parties in society, with humanization, convenience and efficiency as the focus, in

Under the premise of missing work and not missing learning, we should try our best to achieve "should be accepted as soon as possible" and "should be as soon as possible" to actively build a Great Wall of immunity。

Source: Hongkou, Shanghai

Author: Qian Jing
Editing by Geng Xiaoyan