5-18 [Indicator Description] Ecological campus

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   The school covers an area of 84.31 mu, including Yixian campus (Hongkou District Yixian Road No. 88) 80.21 mu, Tianshan Campus (1831 Tianshan Road, Changning District) 4.10 acres;Construction area 65,843.29 square meters, of which Yixian campus 61250.58 square meters, Tianshan Campus 3962.13 square meters。Fixed assets 44201.180,000 yuan, teaching equipment total value of 21,725.06万元。

   The school actively promotes the scientific classification and reduction of waste disposal, and promotes the related work of loving food and saving food, reducing plastic and limiting plastic。The school has a beautiful ecological environment, the campus greening rate is more than 35%, and pays attention to the construction of campus cultural landscape。Carry out ecological civilization education and management, and implement the requirements for the creation of green schools (water and electricity saving)。