"Little Screw" youth volunteer service team to help unpaid blood donation activities, leisurely blood donation, rich love spread

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  On September 26, Higher Vocational College carried out unpaid blood donation activities in the gymnasium, and the young volunteers of small screws on the scene actively and kindly provided help and services for teachers and students of blood donation。

  In order to provide better quality and intimate service to blood donors, small Screw volunteers provide help to blood donors and organize on-site discipline。At the site of the activity, the personnel participating in the blood donation under the guidance of the staff, in accordance with the requirements of the doctor, carefully fill in the "blood donation registration form", orderly cooperate with the work of small screw volunteers, blood type testing, blood drawing and other work。After the end of blood donation, everyone said that they should do their best to do publicity work to the people around them, inspire more people to give love and pass on positive energy, and on the road of volunteer service, always forget the original heart, firm ideals and beliefs, and constantly learn and improve themselves at the same time, to better serve others and contribute to society。


  Stretch out your arms, let love pass;People help people, hearts warm。Cheer for blood donation, pay tribute to life;Blood to donate, life to help.Blood donation is a kind of selfless dedication, but also full of goodwill and positive energy of public welfare events。The volunteer spirit of dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance, and progress vividly interprets the essence of core socialist values and inherits the moral essence of Chinese culture, such as benevolence, kindness, and helping the needy。

Vocational college, senior technical school Youth League committee